The BMW Advanced 1 Driving Experience course is an exciting entry-level course designed to provide a solid foundation in performance driving. The one day course simulates a number of different situations that may be encountered at touring speeds including unforeseen over steer and under steer experiences, ideal driving lines and high speed emergency braking.

Course times and catering

- 9.30am – 4.00pm
- Lunch
- Afternoon tea
- Coffee, tea and drinks provided throughout the day


 Course content

- Visually assisted lecture on safe driving techniques
- Expert tuition from BMW Driving Experience Chief Instructor, Mike Eady (Senior BMW Approved Trainer,
  International Racing Experience)
- Steering technique and seating position
- Vehicle dynamics including braking exercises on wet tarmac, difference in stopping distances and
  manoeuvrability between ABS and non-ABS
- Slalom exercise
- Ideal cornering lines
- Paced circuit laps



- BMW 320d Motorsports (x 6)
- BMW 335i F30
- BMW F30 328i
- BMW X3 Motorsport
- BMW F30 320d Motorsport
- BMW M3 4 Door V8
- BMW 123d Coupé with M Sport Pack

All cars are linked by a two-way radio so our Instructors can talk to participants through the different exercises. 

Group size 

20 participants (all participants must hold a full un-restricted drivers license)




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